This past week the first official batch of Guinness’ new beer came off the line that will hit shelves in the coming weeks. Their Blonde American Lager was created by Joe Gruss, an American brewmaster who is a member of the Guinness Blonde brewing team.

Guinness Blonde American Lager marks the first time the brand has brought its signature Guinness yeast from Ireland to the U.S. Keeping true the brand’s brewing heritage known for quality and taste, Guinness Blonde American Lager is a crisp refreshing tasting amber lager with a floral, hoppy aroma. The American lager is twice as smooth, half as bitter and 80% lighter in color than Guinness Draught.

The beer comes from the brand’s new brewing concept – the Guinness Discovery Series which combines over 255 years of European brewing expertise with different brewing styles and techniques. This series of beers offers more style, taste, and flavor to beer drinkers in the U.S.

Now I know some of you might be thinking, “WHAT?” Why would Guinness even try their hand in a lager when they have dominated their own niche in the beer market? Some beer fans even went as far as saying it was blasphemous for Guinness to even make a blonde beer. To those I say calm down. Just try it. I know it might seem awkward to drink a Guinness that is light in color, but trust me it is definitely worth it.

The taste had hints of what we love about Guinness as well as tastes from American style lagers that I enjoy. I had a few friends try it out and they liked it too. It has a hoppy and citrus smell that helps deliver a long malt, biscuity finish once you taste it. The lager is very crisp and refreshing. Look for it in stores in a 6 pack selling at a retail price of $8.99.

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