Speed Stick® GEAR™ team and YouTube’s most exciting filmmaker Devin Graham, AKA Devin SuperTramp, just released a video of one of the most extreme stunts the world as ever seen – World’s Largest Urban Zipline.

In creating the video, the team set records for the longest and highest zipline from a building over water, as well as the length and height record for base jumping from dual ziplines!

The video documents Graham, along with his fearless film team and a crew of six professional base jumpers, traveling to Panama City where they zip down from the top of a 700-foot building before releasing themselves and landing on a Speed Stick® GEAR™ base via parachute.

Speed Stick® GEAR™ is a new line of antiperspirants with DRYCORE™ technology designed for advanced performance, keeping guys dry even in the most pulse-inducing conditions imaginable – like filming one of the most extreme stunts the world has ever seen. To learn more about Speed Stick® GEAR™ products, please visit www.speedstick.com.

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