This past Tuesday I attended a screening of The Unsinkable Henry Morgan, a 30 minute documentary that will air on the Sundance Channel this Sunday night. The film will also be showcased at Sundance over the weekend.

The documentary follows underwater archeologist Fritz Hanselmann and a team of specialists who conducted an archeological expedition in Panama with the hopes of finding five ships that Morgan lost in 1671 by the Lajas Reef. Among the ships lost was Morgan’s flagship, The Satisfaction.

The documentary covers the crew’s work that was conducted this past summer, but the story really starts back in 2010, when Hanselmann discovered six iron cannons belonging to Sir Henry Morgan himself. After receiving funding from the Captain Morgan rum brand, Hanselmann has been able to go back to Panama each summer to try and uncover more historical goodies found in the lost wreckage of a ship that dates back to the same era.

Directed by Michael Haussman, the documentary is put together really well. The film provides a good bit of history into this Captain Morgan’s pirating ways, British challenges to the Spanish Main and Morgan’s impact on the history of Panama. You get into the characters as the try to rebuild/revisit the world of Captain Henry Morgan. And Fritz Hanselmann is just a badass.

Here’s the trailer:

So basically its 30 minutes well spent. After you’re done watching football this weekend, make sure to queue it up on your DVR. Oh, and the film is best viewed with a Captain Morgan cocktail in your hand (trust me). Here’s some Captain cocktail inspiration from the screening:

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