At Chicago -3.5 Seattle
Cutler’s back and Seattle’s on the road. Nuff said.
Pick: Bears -3.5

At Green Bay -8 Minnesota
No Percy for Minny. Spread’s a bit high but Packers should win.
Pick: Packers -8

San Francisco -7 At St. Louis
Can Colin keep it up? I think so. This game won’t end in a tie.
Pick: 49ers -7

At NY Jets -4.5 Arizona
Without a good QB on the field, I like the Cardinals to get a good game out of Beanie.
Pick: Cards +4.5

Carolina -3 At Kansas City
Tough times continue for the one win Chiefs.
Pick: Panthers -1

At Detroit -4.5 Indianapolis
The Colts are likely going to the playoffs, but the Lions will take this one at home.
Pick: Lions -4.5

At Buffalo -6 Jacksonville
The Bills don’t seem to have trouble moving the ball, and they’ll definitely be able to make plays against this Jacksonville defense. But how bout that Chad Henne story! Picking the Jags to put up more explosive big plays on offense.
Pick: Jags +6

New England -7.5 At Miami
Pats will dominate.
Pick: Pats -7.5

Houston -6 At Tennessee
Texans roll through and get one more step closer to that first round bye.
Pick: Texans -6

At Denver -7 Tampa Bay
Tampa could give Denver some trouble. Hard to not like what Peyton’s doing though.
Pick: Denver -7

At Baltimore -8 Pittsburgh
Batch was so hard to watch. It’s really sad we don’t get to see a legit rivalry game. The Ravens score twice as much at home as they do on the road, and the Steelers can’t do a damn thing without a QB.
Pick: Raves -8

At Oakland PK Cleveland
DMC is back but Cleveland’s just better.
Pick: Browns

Cincinnati -1.5 At San Diego
I think the Bengals are a better team, but the Chargers always seem to make noise late in the year. Still going with Cincy.
Pick: Bengals -1.5

At Dallas -10 Philadelphia
This game is going to be unwatchable.
Pick: Cowboys -10

NY Giants -2.5 At Washington
I want to believe in the Skins, but I may need to wait another year. It just doesn’t feel like they’re ready to make the leap just yet. That said, this is RG3’s MNF debut. You know he’s going to go off.
Pick: Skins +2.5

Last Week: 6-8-2
Season 85-82-4
Last Season: 140-120-12

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