I’ve been a loyal Head & Shoulders guy for years. I wouldn’t say I have a serious dandruff problem, but I do get an itchy scalp from time to time. And like all guys, when I find a grooming product that I like, I stick with it for a long time. I’m just loyal like that.

So it was with some hesitation that I tried out the new Clear Men Scalp Therapy shampoo. Could this stuff really replace my go-to Head & Shoulders bottle?

Well for starters, it’s a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner product. That’s helpful because I can’t remember the last time I ever purchased a bottle of conditioner. I mean who really buys a separate bottle of conditioner these days. If you’re a guy, it’s just not necessary.

I tried the Clear Men Scalp Therapy Complete Care 2-in-1 product and I liked it. It smelled good. Kind of hard to describe, but imagine a type Head & Shoulders consistency with a subtle Herbal Essence kick. The formula includes a blend of 10 nutrients and botanical actives called Bio-Nutrium 10. This cocktail of goodness includes ginseng, soybean, sunflower, tea tree, natural mint, vitamin E, vitamin B, almond and coconut oils. So yea, the stuff smells good.

And it feels pretty invigorating, too. The thing I like the most about this shampoo-conditioner combo is that it suds itself up like there’s no tomorrow. You put a little bit of this stuff in and start working it a bit, and the next thing you know, you got lather for days.

It’s got a little tingle to it as well. Maybe it’s the Pyrithione Zinc working its dandruff-eliminating magic. I’m no scientist, so I’m not sure. I just like the tingle.

So I’ve been using this stuff for the past few weeks and I haven’t had many problems in the itchy flaky scalp department. It’s got the 2-in-1 action, it smells good, lathers up big time, brings the tingle and seems to be working. All-in-all, it’s enough to make me reconsider my long term relationship with Head & Shoulders (it’s not you, H&S, it’s me). Clear Men Scalp Therapy Complete also comes in these flavors: Cool Sport Mint, Clean & Fresh, Dry Scalp Hydration and Strong + Full.

Do you want to try this stuff out for yourself? Well you’re in luck, cause we’re giving away 10 bottles of Clear Men Scalp Therapy. The winner of this giveaway will pretty much be set on shampoo purchases until next summer. To enter, like us on Facebook and send us an email below and tell us why you want a year’s supply of free Clear Men Scalp Therapy. We’ll pick a winner at random next Tuesday, July 10.

Good luck!

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