Man I love taking, collecting and tweaking photos on my iPhone. My iPhone 4S has replaced my DSLR as my primary camera. I’ve shot photos in Australia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and different parts of the US. My Instragram feed is loaded with collages, crops, originals, remixed prints, you name it. I use Camera+ daily. Apps like Tiny Planets, Juxtaposer, Green Screen and too many filters too count make it so easy to chop, collage, frame and style photos on your iPhone. Even the most novice photographer can ramp up the artsy photo factor fairly quickly.

If you love turning quick snapshots into art projects, you should check out the LA MobileArts Festival that’s running in West LA from August 18-25. The festival will features the best of the best in iPhoneography, from elaborate set builds to original work from nearly 200 artists, it’s going to be pretty sweet. All types of iPhone art will be on display – film, sculpture, interesting collisions of technology and mobile photography. You name it.

You can learn more about the LA MobileArts Festival by visiting the LA MAF blog. Here’s a full rundown of the events scheduled:

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