I could rant on Federer, too. I’m not the biggest fan of that smug mug, either. It’s a good thing Roger Moore is still alive and kicking–he’s a Saint.

Roger Clemens. That guy. I need to fire on all 8 cylinders for this one.

I’m a very forgiving human being. In fact, I don’t hate Roger Clemens for using PEDs, I don’t hate him for lying about it and I don’t even dislike him for the episodes–but I can’t stand the guy. I couldn’t stand him as a player, and I can’t stand him as a fellow member of society. I couldn’t stand how he wished he were the Brett Favre of the baseball world, and I wish to this day that Mike Piazza would have thrown the nub of his bat at Clemens after Clemens threw the head of the bat at Mikey.

I remember in depth conversations I had about Roger Clemens late in his career. I’ll never forget, round about 2003 or 2004, perhaps, when my brother said to me, “I can’t believe that everyone only wants to single out Barry Bonds. If there is anyone in the league that I am 100 percent certain is on steroids, it’s Roger Clemens.” And you know what, you couldn’t argue. How was the guy getting better at a power position, as his body got older. People can say what they will about his training regimen, but they showed videos of it, and it wasn’t that impressive. Yeah, it was obvious–the dude was DRANKIN’ the juice. And honestly, he always acted like such a prick–like the world owed him a huge debt for being a great pitcher.

I laugh when people mutter the words “Hall of Fame” in the same breath as “Roger Clemens.” And I also hate when people try and justify Hall of Fame inductions based solely on numbers. Halls of Fame have become jokes because bums like this are in them. They should be places of celebration, not contention. Make no mistake, there will never be another discussion about Roger Clemens, only arguments.

Whew. Cleansing breath. Now, to the serious matter at hand. An indictment that it going to put Clemens in court. And do you know what sucks? He still won’t admit that he used PEDs. If for some reason he comes out and states that he did use the drugs, I’m sure that he’ll also say it was because he loved the game soooo much, and he didn’t know how to let it go.

Do I think he’s going to jail? Nah. But I think it’s far more likely that he’ll land in the clink than he will in Cooperstown.

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