Damn you, Internet. I love you so much, but I hate you sometimes. You’re great for things like funny cat photos, adorable Hitler videos and texts from last night, but you have a dark side, too. That dark side includes creepy Craigslisters, shady Nigerian princes, piss-poor grammar and tasteless celebrity death hoaxes.

“Bill Cosby died” was the number one trending topic on Twitter on Monday. Typically, if it’s on Twitter, it’s gotta be true. But not this time. Not like this. Cosby lives and he’s not happy, man. You see this isn’t the first time Dr. Huxtable has been killed off my the fake death peddlers of the Net.

“It is no longer fun. I don’t want this person to do this any more, this is my fourth time,” Cosby said.

Being fake dead just once has to sting, but four friggn’ times? That’s uncalled for. I know Cosby has slowly morphed from a loveable comedian to a crotchety old fart, but give the guy a break. He’s still alive, he still loves pudding pops and he deserves better. Stop killing Cosby.

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