Yeah, that’s what I said. The hilarious blog has gone literary on us. If you don’t know what is, then you must be living under a rock, or a hipster’s asymmetrical moustache.  is a site that identifies and makes fun of hipsters. Take a picture of a hipster, add a funny caption, and watch yourself become an internet phenomenon. That’s what comedian Joe Mande did. Actually, it was an accident. Mande created the blog to help his old man out. Apparently, while living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (a hotbed of hipster culture), his dad kept asking him if this or that guy was a hipster. It can be a little confusing for someone to identify a hipster if you’re new to the game. Thus Mande birthed LATFH, and now all of us are better for it. No more are we plagued with questions of whether that person is a hipster or just an IT nerd goofing around. Now are questions are more like, “is that a dude hipster or a girl hipster.”

So you must be wondering how a popular blog with free content can become a book for $11.99/$14.99 CAN. Mande answers that question on page one:

“Why are you giving me a book deal? Who would buy a book full of content that’s already on the internet?” The head publisher quickly replied, “What’s the internet?” and then handed me a suitcase full of hundred-dollar bills. So, I guess that’s how book deals happen.

We’re glad the head publisher is living under a hipster’s asymetrical moustache, because the book is f*cking hilarious. It answers questions such as: What is a hipster? What makes a hipster? What are the different types of hipsters? It also adds laughs with sections like the Is this a hipster? pop quiz, Celebrity Hipsters, Hipsters Through the Ages, and of course the Love Connections. There’s a special surprise photo shoot at the end for avid followers of LATFH.

So does MANjr recommend the buying of this book? We say yes. The guy deserves it. He spends all his time compiling a historical record of hipsters to better mankind. How he can look at nipple tattoos, oversized American Apparel glasses, messed up haircuts, and neck scarves all day is truly a wonder. Plus the book looks cool and is small enough to chuck at a hipster’s head if they mistakenly wander into your living room.

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