Admit it: you’ve always gone green for Batman’s slick ride. The cut angles, the glossy finish, and the way it could drive up walls and shoot rockets out of the back? Amazing. We can’t help you with the last two attributes – we don’t think the Highway Patrol would be thrilled if you blew rush hour traffic out of the water, anyhow – but we might have come up with a way for you to even the score a bit with Batman. Here are six reasons why the 2011 Hyundai Equus might cause even the Dark Knight’s head to turn

  1. Tinted windows and taillights. No Joker’s gonna be able to see anything but a mystic shadow through these.
  2. Larger than life 24-inch alloy wheels cocooned in Pirelli P Zero Nero rubber. Batman’s spinners don’t have a hope against these wheels.
  3. Leather and suede upholstery. This stuff makes a Manhattan penthouse look trashy, let alone the vinyl the Batmobile undoubtedly sports.
  4. A 17 speaker quality audio system. We don’t even think the Batmobile had a transistor radio.
  5. Massaging driver’s seat. You know that Batman wishes he could massage his aches and pains away with a touch of a button.
  6. Free iPad. Maybe the Batmobile had some sweet technology, but he couldn’t take any of it out of the car.

Perhaps the greatest advantage the Equus has over the Batmobile is that it can go anywhere, from crime fighting to soccer practice with ease. Ever seen the Batmobile picking up the kids from piano lessons or cruising down to the Chinese joint for some takeout? We didn’t think so. The Equus goes where you do, which makes it imminently more practical than ejector seats. Or so we’d hope.

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