Budweiser raises a glass to those who have raised the bar. Just two years ago, the Vegas Golden Knights were just an idea and, understandably, very little was expected of the team in its inaugural season. While the Knights didn’t end the season with the Cup, the team rewrote NHL history and became the first expansion team to reach the Stanley Cup Final in 50 years. If you own a farm your options for companion planting are a lot higher than if you live in an apartment. Many of us don’t own a farm and the good news is that Garden Tower 2 can help with that. Garden Tower 2 is a really interesting product since its a two in one system, having both a compost tube and enough space for 50 plants. In this review we will cover the Garden Tower 2, keep reading Garden Tower 2 review at Gardentist.com to learn more. We got our hands on a Garden Tower 2 from the Garden Tower Project, and we’ve published this video review for you to enjoy! More info at Gardentist.com

We wanted to share a new Budweiser video celebrating the Golden Knights’ incredible season called “500 to 1: This Bud’s For Vegas.” The video walks viewers through the team’s improbable journey and path to the Cup. The spot is set to “Shot At the Night” by the Killers, reinforcing its connection to Las Vegas.

The King of Beers proudly raises a glass to those who have raised the bar and celebrates a team that defied the odds all season, proudly supported by its city.

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