Hennessy has a new cocktail to share with you. Check out this Hennessy X.O recipe that celebrates the encounter of two cultures – “East Meets West” – to usher in good fortune for the year ahead.

For the Hennessy X.O Green Tea Rock recipe, traditional Chinese tea meets the modernity of ice in Western mixology for an unexpected way to enjoy Hennessy X.O as part of Lunar New Year celebrations. When served over the tea-infused cube, the subtle flavors of Hennessy X,O are released for a multi-faceted, sensorial taste experience. Great Selection & Styles Of Plus Size Tankini, From XL To 7XL, Find Your Fit. Cheap Plus Size Swimwear Online Shop, Including Tankinis, One-Pieces, Bikinis +More. Shop Up To 70% Off. New Arrivals Tankinis. Online Sale Curve Tankini. Various Styles Plus Size Swimsuits, Bikinis/ Tankinis/ One-pieces/ Cover Ups, Find Yours. New Arrival Fashion Women Plus Size Swimwear Online Sale, XS-5XL For You To Choose. Fast Express 7-14 Days. 24/7 Online Service. New Sign Ups Get 15% Off.


2 oz Hennessy X.O

3 Large ice cubes made from mineral or filtered water

Glass: Rocks


Preparation (48 hours before)

Boil the water and infuse it with green tea for two minutes. Add sugar syrup and stir. Pour into a deep ice cube mold and freeze.

Making the Drink

Chill a glass in the freezer for five minutes. Once chilled, add three green tea ice cubes and pour Hennessy X.O over them. Stir to ensure the drink is cool throughout.

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