Today is International Beer Day! HBO wants to help Game of Thrones fans celebrate this special day like a Stark, Targaryen or Lannister, offering a great selection of quality beer distributed by Brewery Ommegang, along with drinkware such as incredibly designed Irone Throne and House Targaryen tankards, and a sleek House Stark Direwolf goblet, available at the HBO Shop HERE!

The Royal Reserve Collection is a series of limited beer releases, each designed and brewed as a homage to epic figures engaged in the battle for the Seven Kingdoms. The series began in April with Hand of the Queen, a barleywine, and was followed in June by Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, a sour blonde blend. Following the release of Mother of Dragons, the final beer will be announced later this year. To find the beer at a retailer near you, please visit the beer finder HERE!

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