Today on National Space Day and the official ‘May the Fourth Be with You’ day, Budweiser is celebrating its bold commitment to being the first beer on Mars through a new, two minute tribute film. The film focuses on our commitment to bringing humanity to the Red Planet – which includes beer.

The video is narrated by retired Astronaut Clay Anderson, who was an astronaut for 15 years spending a total of 167 days in space, and was also a key player in Budweiser’s initial announcement at SXSW 2017.

39 million miles away, the next generation of space exploration awaits its first pioneers. And while life on the Red Planet is still in the near – yet distant – future, Budweiser just unveiled its own ambitious commitment, to create microgravity beer for when we make it to Mars. Known for raising a cold one to the American Dream and those who work hard for it, Budweiser wants to be part of this monumental journey in reaching the next frontier.

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