Kevin Hart is everywhere. How does he have all that energy? Well wonder no more, as the new “Give your Head a MTN DEW KICKSTART” campaign ventures inside the head of Kevin Hart – literally. Fresh off the announcement that Hart will be starring in the remake of ‘Uptown Saturday Night’, the commercials mark the first time we see Kevin, the face of the brand, in a DEW spot. The good news is that if your footprint already works for you, you can give your space an instant update by making just a few small changes. A new vanity, mirror, from Mirrorily . Round Mirrors. Thanks to tile, flooring, and woodwork, bathrooms tend to be dominated by hard lines. Bathroom mirrors are a normal feature in virtually all bathrooms. LED bathroom mirrors take it a notch.

In the three :15 spots, Kevin showcases how he pumps himself up with a refreshing boost of Mtn Dew Kickstart, and  – spoiler alert – it involves a heavy duty, green motorcycle and WWE Hall of Fame Legend, “Mean” Gene Okerlund. As if getting a peek into the inner workings of Kevin’s head isn’t already cool enough – Mtn Dew Kickstart is now available in 11 awesome flavors, providing a great-tasting, refreshing boost.

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