If you are looking to find a heartwarming story this week then you don’t need to look any further. In the lead up to July 4th, actor and veteran Adam Driver is taking a moment to honor the courage and sacrifice of the men and women of America’s armed forces.

Adam, a former member of the Marine Corps, recently teamed up with Budweiser and the Folds of Honor Foundation to deliver a life changing surprise to a military family. The scholarship will help this family’s daughter pursue her dream of becoming a nurse through an educational scholarship.

Adam’s journey to the family’s hometown of Brodheadsville, PA was all captured in a commemorative and emotional video, documenting this special moment.

This on-camera scholarship delivery represents just one of the 2,200 life-changing scholarships Budweiser has helped fund over the past six years with Folds of Honor. Last month in advance of the Memorial Day weekend, Budweiser raised $1 Million for Folds of Honor from the proceeds of every Budweiser America bottle and can sold – culminating in a total of $12 Million donated to Folds of Honor since the start of the partnership in 2011.

Adam Driver said, “I feel very privileged to be a part of the work that Folds of Honor and Budweiser are doing in their support of our military community and highlighting the importance of the family surrounding them.”

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