For those who might have not noticed eSports is becoming an integral part of gaming culture. So with that notion Mountain Dew is making waves by announcing the Mountain Dew League otherwise known as MDL. The league is designed with one purpose in mind: helping amateur gamers become pros. DEW and the ESL, the world’s largest esports company,  are both instigators in the gaming world, and are now partnering to host a massive three-phase competition for amateur gamers. A 240 HZ Monitor is going to be a necessity for gamers.

The MDL global championship will culminate in one amateur team joining next season’s ESL Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro League. The tournament will start in August, and will unfold over the course of 20 weeks beginning with 7,400 players, down to nine teams in each region, down to the final team. Fans will be able to watch the competition unfold through live-streamed events, behind-the-scenes action and real-time stat tracking via the ESL and Twitch channels.

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