There are bar crawls and then there are bar crawls that are set up from Captain Morgan. Their latest one should be epic! Just let these next four words sink in with you. Cannon Blast Bar Crawl. Only Captain Morgan can add cannons to a bar crawl. The Captain is doing this by recruiting Brian “human cannonball” Miser.

The bar crawl will take place in Downtown Orlando on tomorrow, October 17th at approximately 6 p.m. Brian will be shot between multiple bars in Orlando for the first-ever and most epic Cannon Blast Bar Crawl. The event serves as the official launch and celebration of Captain Morgan Cannon Blast – the rum company’s latest shot innovation.

Throughout his professional career, Miser has performed more than 6,500 blasts and holds a world record for the only human to ever be shot into the air while on fire. Miser is also the mastermind behind building the cannon, which is meticulously crafted with years of circus secrets.  This stunt marks the first time ever that Miser will perform multiple blasts from different cannons on the same day.

For people who are 21 years of age and older follow all the fun on Twitter @CaptainMorganUS and use the hashtag #CannonBlastCrawl.

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