Back in October, Ben & Jerry’s launched a new, Marley-inspired ice cream flavor called Satisfy My Bowl. Consisting of Banana ice cream with caramel, cookie swirls, graham cracker crumbles and chocolate peace signs, Satisfy My Bowl is currently a limited-edition release available in the UK as well as selection countries in the EU. Additionally, proceeds from the sales of Satisfy My Bowl will go to support the 1Love Foundation and PYE‘s joint, collaborative youth empowerment camp for underserved children in Jamaica.

To celebrate the partnership – along with this past Summer’s 30th anniversary re-release of Legend – Ben & Jerry’s, Universal and the Marley family teamed up with a video contesting platform called Tongal to create a new, official “One Love” music video! Fans and filmmakers alike were encouraged to submit 140-character theses of their video ideas, from which a subsequent treatment-submission round took shape, leading to a final video-submissions stage wherein multiple music videos from different fans from around the world took part. Here is the winning video.

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