After your pub crawl this St. Patrick’s Day you might be starting to get a little ripe. You can change your awful odor with the luck of the Irish. There is some new GEAR from Irish Spring.

For over forty years, Irish Spring has kept men fresh and clean as a whistle.  Now, Irish Spring introduces Irish Spring GEAR a new line of shower products engineered for advanced performance to help men stay cleaner and fresher longer than ever before.

Irish Spring GEAR body wash and bar soap contains a unique, clinically-proven odor neutralizing technology that provides 24 hours of long-lasting freshness.  Unlike most brands that use fragrances to mask the odor, Irish Spring GEAR with Odor Neutralizing Technology actually neutralizes and helps eliminate odor at the source to provide a clean, long-lasting freshness.

Plus we added an old school commercial from Irish Spring. You are welcome.

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