Next Issue Media, the first and only app to offer unlimited access to premium magazines, including their entire back catalogs, scoured over 2,000 products and 35 top lifestyle and fashion magazines featured in their app to pinpoint the top trends and what gift givers should really look for this holiday season. Some of these top magazines range from InStyle, Vogue and O, The Oprah Magazine, to GQ, Men’s Journal, Outside magazine and more.

What did they find?

Most Recommended Brand: Marc Jacobs

Most Expensive Gift: McLaren P1 $1,350,000

Most Interactive Gift Guide: Consumer Reports

Largest Gift Guide: InStyle with 253 products

Most Unusual Gifts: Everything Beards (oil, conditioner, organic balm), Beer Foamer, Unicorn Horn, Whiskey Wedge, Kayak in a Box, Water Bike, 8-in-1 Kitchen Tool, cider and beer making kits, and a bucket of sunglasses

In addition to these unusual items, classic trends and annual favorites hold strong this year with leading trends including unique spirits and craft beers, and actual hard copy books.

Leather & Cashmere – These lux fabrics boast over 70 gift suggestions between them with anything from slippers and travel set to manicure sets and luggage, making them a sure hit.

Cosmetics & Kitchenware – Fitting any budget, cosmetics take the stocking stuffer role all the way to the most recommended gift for women, YSL’s ‘Wildly Gold’ Palette. Kitchen and cocktail products provide equally popular gifting options.

• The Season for Subscriptions – The old school beer of the month club gets an update with ideas like Blue Apron, Blue Bottle Coffee, Farmbox Direct, Coolhaus and Next Issue subscription gifts.

In addition to these gifts and trends, holiday shoppers can explore the full Next Issue Best Gift Ideas at

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