Funnyman Adam Carolla has been making us laugh since his days of doing Mr. Birchum skits on KROQ’s Kevin and Beane Show back in the day. Carolla’s resume is decidedly manly. He followed up his stint as a co-host of Loveline with a solid run with Jimmy Kimmel on The Man Show. He served as the co-creator of the genius muppet prank-calling series Crank Yankers and had stints as the host of the TLC home improvement show The Adam Carolla Project and Speed TV’s The Car Show. Now he produces one of the most popular and entertaining daily podcasts around.

Carolla’s also spent some time as a boxer, a serious car collector and he’s even won some competitions as a celebrity race car driver. Dude knows his man-stuff. And that includes cars. Carolla owns multiple Lamborghinis and five of Paul Newman’s race cars.

Carolla is actually wrapping up a documentary that he made on Newman. The film focuses on Newman’s exploits as a race car driver first and foremost and shows additional layers to this titan of the silver screen by shining a bright light on his one true love.

Last week, Carolla partnered up with for the first ever Car Week. Launched in New York and Los Angeles, Car Week featured hundreds of local dealers offering prices at or below’s True Market Value®.

We had a chat with Carolla to discuss his sweet collection, his involvement with Car Week, his fellow Hollywood car nut homies and his new Paul Newman project. Here’s the interview:

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