For those of you who think Miley Cyrus is an achy-breaky, Disney-pop creation that’s all teeth and no substance, think again. Little Miley’s all grown-up now. She’s 18 and she’s ready to show her range. She’s ready to shake off the kiddy label and embrace her adulthood. She’s ready to experiment with new things, including fun psychoacvtive plants like Salvia.

Yep, that’s right. Five days after Cyrus celebrated her 18th birthday, she was roping Salvia out of a bong while some “friend” recorded it all for posterity. The video was posted on TMZ, and it’s actually pretty hilarious.

I don’t know what’s more disturbing, Miley Cyrus bong ropes or the fact that people still listen to Bush. Either way, this stuff is legal in California. It’s not like she was doing something extra crazy like smoking weed or anything. Just a lil’ bit of Salvia, which can force a crippling set of the giggles on anyone.

So welcome to adulthood Miley. I’m sure your fans will trip out, but at least you got the support of friends who come over to your house, get you faded, film you, eat all your Frosted Flakes and then leak faded videos of you out to the world.

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