When I first received a sample of Nanodots, a set of little magnetic balls that can be put together to make interesting patterns and shapes, I didn’t think reviewing the little dots would take that much time. I mean how long can you really play with 216 small dots made of neodymium, the same magnetic material used in MRIs and Maglev trains?

The answer is a really, really long time. Make no mistake, Nanodots are addictive as hell.

You start out by stringing together long lines of these dots. After a little time futzing around, you start making different patterns and shapes like triangles and squares. When you get to hexagon stage, you start wondering what kind of objects you can make when you combine a larger number of smaller shapes. After you’re first 3D creation, it’s game over.

Check out this video and you’ll see what I mean:

If I had some Nandots to mess around with when I was first being taught geometry, I would’ve had an easier time visualizing the stuff I was learning. These dots are great for education, brain teasing and all around time wasting.

The original 216 Nanodt set retails for $29.99. It may sound extreme for a bunch of little magnet balls to cost 30 bucks, but one hour into it, you’ll be looking to purchase more. Check out the website and try these things out!

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