Every wonder how much of your life can be found on the web? Auth B.J. Mendelson does just that in his latest book called Privacy: And How to Get It Back

In this forceful short book, technology guru and author of the best-selling Social Media is Bull (St. Martins Press) B.J. Mendelson exposes the crude reality behind the smiley face of internet networking: data trading. We are all auctioning our personal information, the book argues, to the highest bidder.

Mendelson discusses the end of privacy from a contemporary perspective, including chapters on Metadata and its uses, Data auctions, The Internet of Things, The use of social media for surveillance and suppression, Just how safe is Cloud technology, The Big Business of Big Data, Anonymous and web activism, The internet’s dark side: Silk Road, hacking, extortion and EFF and other bodies promoting internet user rights.

When we talk about the so-called ‘end of privacy’, we conjure up images of state-run agencies secretly monitoring and recording our every move. Whilst this is the case, the true perpetrator in this permeating culture of intrusion is not a third party; its our very selves. We willingly broadcast every moment of our lives in exchange for a moment’s worth of virtual attention. Mendelson, artfully and through personal narratives and journalism, tells the story of how we have undermined one of our greatest societal assets.

If you are interested in picking up the book click here!

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