The San Diego Comic Con is almost here. There will be some spoilers and teasers leaked at the many of the different junkets. Yet we are finding out more about the “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” film from none other than the film’s director Zack Snyder.

Snyder said that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman wouldn’t just be a small role. He said that she is very important to the storyline. “She plays a super-important part. In a lot of ways, she’s the gateway drug to the rest of the Justice League.”

“Dawn of Justice” will be a small glimpse into the DC Comics Justice League movie. Snyder also talked about the issues people had with the “Man of Steel” film. Snyder said, “I was surprised because that’s the thesis of Superman for me, that you can’t just have superheroes knock around and have there be no consequences. There are other superhero movies where they joke about how basically no one’s getting hurt. That’s not us. What is that message? That’s it is okay that there’s this massive destruction with zero consequence for anyone? I remember talking about ‘What’s the next villain? ‘We can’t do another alien invasion.’ Metallo, I think, was going to be the main bad guy of this movie. Brainiac was definitely down the road.”

It looks like Snyder is really open about the future of the DC Comic films. Hopefully more news like this will be revealed in San Diego this week!

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