Reebok and Kendrick Lamar stopped people right in their tracks in LA when they combined fitness and music. Lamar and Reebok surprised hundreds of runners. They all were in complete shock when Kendrick Lamar started to perform. The event took place in a parking lot at Sunset and Hilldale for a Reebok run. Kendrick and a full band rolled up on a sixteen wheeler, flatbed truck to provide live music for all the runners.

Lamar was rocking the ZPump Fusion shoe, which launched on March 10th. The runners followed along and formed a dramatic convoy as they were flanked by police outriders and camera crews.

Lamar played some fan favorites and they runners went crazy. Even other people that weren’t looking to run joined the rap star’s caravan. Then Lamar even hosted an after party at the Reebok Lounge.

“Reebok and I have a shared goal to inspire, so helping people to get pumped though music and fitness was perfect – performing in such a unique way, creating a real experience and encouraging people through a run in my hometown of LA. Partnering with Reebok, we always want to do something different and that will get people moving and this is an example of us coming together to create something special” said Kendrick Lamar.

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