To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Instapump Fury, Reebok has partnered with Sneaker Freaker magazine to produce a short film that shines a light on one of the most intriguing and polarizing footwear designs of all time.

Our story starts in Fuzhou, China, where the Instapump Fury is currently being produced. As the striking citron yellow, red and black componentry passes through the production process, it seems incongruous that this sci-fi masterpiece is now two decades old.

The film reunites two veterans of the sneaker industry who revel some of the frustrations and challenges they faced turning the complex Instapump Fury design into a legitimate performance runner.

Steven Smith penned the first sketch of the Pump Fury in his notebook. A renowned free-thinker, Smith is still highly passionate about his time working on the Instapump Fury. As he recalls of the era, “It was a no-holds barred street fight between the companies on who could come up with the most radical product!”

Shot by Alister Robbie from The Post Project, the film was directed by Sneaker Freaker magazine founder and editor, Simon ‘Woody’ Wood. With more than a decade covering the sneaker industry from his base in Melbourne, Australia, Wood relished the chance to soak up the factory experience.

A feature article in Issue 30 of Sneaker Freaker was accompanied by Wood’s report from Fuzhou. “In more than a decade of covering the sneaker industry, this was my first ‘official’ factory visit with a big-time brand. To their immense credit, Reebok were very, very cool. There was no ulterior motive or red carpet roll-out – this was purely business as usual – real sneakers being made by real people in a real factory. Who could say no to an offer like that?”

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