Keep your bag of chips clipped because food innovator Michael Voltaggio’s Fanatic Hack re-writes the playbook on how to serve a winning game time snack.

Oreo Fanatic Hack
36 Oreo cookies
1 Cup all-purpose flour
½ Cup water
¼ Cup powdered sugar
Prep: Heat oven to 325 degrees

1. Blend cookies, flour and water in food processor until ball of dough is formed
2. Divide ball of dough into two pieces. Roll each ball until paper-thin between two sheets of parchment paper
3. Place on cookie sheets, remove top piece of parchment paper and score dough using pizza cutter. Bake in oven for approx. 10-15 minutes.
4. Remove, and break apart.  Garnish with powdered sugar.

Oreo Shandy
Makes 40 oz. total. 4 servings, 8 oz. each.

9 Oreo cookies
1 Cup water
1 Cup sugar
2 Cans or bottles of light beer (24 oz.)

1. Place 5 Lemon Oreo cookies in a pot with sugar and water. Cook until the sugar is dissolved and cookies are tender
2. Blend the Lemon Oreo mixture/syrup until smooth
3. Strain Lemon Oreo syrup through a sieve or fine mesh strainer
4. Fill 4 glasses halfway with Lemon Oreo syrup over ice and top with beer.
Garnish each glass with remaining Oreo cookies.

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